Financial Modeling

Corporate Finance

Many family offices have diverse portfolios that are a combination of marketable securities, hedge funds, private equity investments, real estate investments, direct investments, private property, art, and other assets.  They often receive an overwhelming amount of reporting packages that summarize each holding independently; but a consolidation of the whole portfolio is something many family offices wish they had but don’t.

We have created customized, Excel-based reporting package for our clients’ portfolio.   We tailor the outputs to the client’s liking and, where possible, automate the update process to just a few button clicks.  If you would prefer, we can also manage the updating process for your office on an ongoing basis.

Mergers & Acquisitions / Decision Tree Modeling

We have developed a decision tree tool that helps fund managers quickly assess whether a newly presented deal is worth pursuing and create a consistent, simple, and clean summary output

We have also helped both buy-side and sell-side companies with the financial analysis for deals

  • Historical trend analysis
  • Proforma projection
  • Scenario modeling
  • Equity structure
  • Bank covenants compliance

Ad Hoc Modeling

With rare exception, if you can explain – either on a whiteboard/napkin or just in words – what you want the Excel spreadsheet to do, we can build it. 

Some examples we’ve helped clients build:

  • A model to help calculate the commission payments to the client’s broker network
  • A model to help calculate bonus payouts and “what if” scenarios
  • A regression model to understand and predict price elasticity
  • A scenario model for calculating returns of a newly established private equity fund
  • A model for proving/disproving the suspicion that a specific variable directly influenced sales
  • Consolidation of x similar files (maybe one per division or one per sales rep) into an overall summary